Rural areas and rural infrastructure are being developed to create not only modern amenities and durable assets but also to generate employment opportunities (person days) for driving the rural economy and checking rural migration. To realize these objectives MGNREGA has been launched and is under implementation for the last 7 to 8 years in the district. The scheme is contributing to the rural economy by generating person days and to rural infrastructure by creating durable assets in the shape of rural connectivity, flood control /protection, water conservation and water harvesting , drought proofing , minor irrigation , land development and renovation of traditional water resources. Now the time has come that we should look beyond construction of lanes and drains. The spading, hoeing and deweeding activities should be replaced and substituted by laying of plinths and foundation. There is dearth of government buildings for schools, Anganwari centres, sheep extension centres, veterinary artificial insemination centres, horticulture cent res, agricultural seed distribution centres, health and family welfare sub centres, handicraft and handloom training centres, social welfare centres, multipurpose community centres, patwar khanas,panchayat ghars etc. To overcome this paucity of rural infrastructure the MGNREGA can be redirected and the objectives can be achieved in convergence with the 14th Finance Commission award and the normal annual allocations of the concerned departments.

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