Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihood Mission (JKRLM)

The State Rural Livelihood Mission aims“to reduce poverty in the state by building strong grassroots institutions of the poor, engage them into gainful livelihoods interventions and ensure appreciable improvement in their income on a sustainable basis. That, every poor household comes out of poverty with immense confidence and belief in them. Poor start to think positively about himself and his family. And where in the lifetime of the poor he has accessed all possibilities of change and harnessed his entire talent and worth. Every poor reaps all the benefits of government schemes as his entitlement which ultimately helps him to live a life full of contentment, happiness, and dignity.”


Core Beliefs Of The Mission:

  • Poor can come out of poverty only through their own organizations.
  • Social mobilization does not happen by itself, an external dedicated support structure like NRLM/SRLM are needed to induce SM.
  • High level of Leadership among the poor.
  • An innate tendency among the poor to help each other.
  • Poor are Partners in the development and not the beneficiaries.
  • Poor are Good decision-makers and planners.
  • Every poor has a strong desire to come out of poverty.
  • Poor has a lot of survival skills.
  • Poor cannot come out of poverty because of the unfavorable environment around them.

Seven Steps To Poverty Reduction:

  • Identification of the poor.
  • Organizing the poor.
  • Creating a favorable environment to unleash their potential.
  • Showing them the path to capital.
  • Showing them the path to right livelihood.
  • Social awareness.
  • Safety nets around the poor and converging welfare schemes as their entitlements.

UMEED -JKRLM Erstwhile Blocks (Shopian and Keller)