Roads and Buildings

“I see roads, roads that are not yet made,
the roads of the future across those forbidding passes,
roads that will bring distances near.”
                                                                                                                                                         ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Connectivity, in the form of construction of roads, bridges, crossings, culverts and in today’s parlance e-connectivity, is cardinal and fundamental for the very survival of human race. Without connectivity there is no civilization, culture, languages and evolution of new languages, assimilation of cultures, customs, hearts and thoughts, exchange of ideas and expertise, development of different and varied means of transport, movement of goods and services, development of agriculture, horticulture and industrial sectors, medical and educational facilities and availing thereof and never the evolution and realization of a modern political state.
Our State Government is well aware of the fact that development of the state is subject to the improvement in connectivity inter-alia and has accordingly embarked upon the gigantic task of constructions of new roads, bridges, culverts and crossings and improvement of the existing ones.
Category-wise road length maintained by the Public Works Department is portrayed through this chapter.



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