The maximum portion of the District being hilly with excellent cold water resources in the form of cold water streams like Hirpora stream, Rambiara Nallah, Romshi stream, Tongri stream etc. with a network of Tributaries and stream lets all over which provides a tremendous scope for the development of Fisheries and to boast the sport fisheries for accelerating the tourism activities in the district. The upper reaches of Rambiara Nalla has been already developed as “Hirpora Rainbow Trout Stream” which is considered one of the best Trout Streams in Kashmir valley for providing excellent results to the Anglers from all over the world. The Tongri and Romshi streams have been developed recently by way of stocking Brown Trout Seed procured from Dachigam Srinagar which will soon come up with excellent results too. The management of natural water bodies of the district including yearly stocking, round the clock watch and ward etc. is being carried out by the department of Fisheries. In addition, the district is bestowed with large nos. of perennial springs having crystal clear water which also provides a tremendous scope for the development of Cold Water Fisheries in Govt. sector as well as in private sector.

Unemployment generated poverty in this district is a considerable problem. The problem exists in spite of the fact that natural resources could provide both income generation and employment. Among the available natural resources, cold fresh water excellent for Trout Farming is abundant in this mountainous region. Utilization of available water resources for Trout production is an obvious possibility for increasing employment opportunities and generating income. The introduction of the rearing of Rainbow Trout in District Shopian in Private Sector is a step towards this direction. In the year 2009-2010 initially 03 nos. of units were constructed. The results were very encouraging and 2.5 ton of production was achieved in the first year. In the year 2010-11: 05 nos. of more units were constructed in private sector under RKVY and a production of 06 tons achieved. During last financial year 03 more units were constructed and have been stocked with Trout fingerlings. During the current financial year 08 tons of Rainbow Trout production from the private sector is expected from 11 nos. of village type Trout Raceways. Till date 14 No’s of unemployed youth have been covered in Fish rearing sector in District Shopian. Shopian District has the highest per unit Trout production in the valley. Trout Farming has great scope in this district and it is emerging as a successful employment generating Sector.

Development of Kanipora-Balpora as Trout Village under Private Sector

The Village type rearing units constructed so for are scattered throughout the District. In order to develop an impact the Kanipora-Balpora Village in District Shopian which is rich in natural water resources in the shape of springs shall be developed as a model trout village. During the current financial year 10 Nos. village type trout rearing units shall be constructed in the area at a unit cost of Rs 2Lacs /unit in a cluster. These 10 units shall have the capacity of rearing 60,000 Nos. of trout fry annually and will yield an average production of 10 tons per annum. 10 Nos. of unemployed educated youth shall be covered under the scheme and an amount of Rs. 30.00 lacs shall be realized per annum. And an expenditure of 10.00 lacs shall be incurred as cost of feed/seed/equipments. Each beneficiary will earn a net profit of Rs. 2.00 lacs annually under the scheme.