Disaster Management

When a sudden event causes a serious disruption to the society and its effect on the community goes beyond its coping capacity to cope with the loss by using the local resources,we can call the situation as a ‘disaster’. The first people to respond to a disaster are those living in the local community. They are the first to start rescue and relief operations therefore focus on community-based disaster preparedness, which assists communities to reduce their vulnerability to disasters and strengthen their capacities to resist them. The district faces some natural and unnatural hazards towards which the administration is actively engaged. District Disaster Management Plan is one such tool that facilitates to take efficient measures in this direction. In simple terms, a District Disaster Management Plan guides in responding to a disaster, if ever occurred, and to prevent and mitigate the disaster in future.

Officials working for District Disaster Management
Name of the Offical Designation Contact
Nazir Ahmad Disaster Management Officer +917006164815


District Disaster Management Resources
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District Disaster Management Plan      Disaster Management Plan